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The Correctional Education Association is the professional organization for educators who work in adult correctional and juvenile justice facilities internationally.

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CEA Region III consists of the following six states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

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About Us

Correctional Education Association of Ohio is part of Correctional Education Association Region III. The organization is dedicated to helping correctional educators to do the following:

  • To be the leading professional organization for educators in criminal and/or juvenile justice setting.
  • To attain 10% membership of all criminal and juvenile justice educators in other countries.
  • To be a strong force in improving public perception/image of and in increasing a positive public awareness of correctional education as an integral and essential part of correctional management.
  • To be the primary source of professional support and professional information, and to be the primary facilitator of networking for educators in criminal and/or juvenile justice settings.
  • To improve the organizational efficiency and sustainability.


Deborah Withem


Janet Carter

Vice President - Elect

Jennifer Fornal


Lisa Poff



As stated above, our goal is to help educators. Anytime we find an online resources that we believe will help accomplish that goal, we'll add it here. If you have a resource that you would like to share, use the contact form below.

As a convenience to our members, we have posted links to companies and/or organizations that provide professional development opportunities and resources that may provide beneficial resources for our members. Any views or opinions presented by these companies and/or organizations is solely that of the companies and/or organizations listed and does not represent CEA-O.

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