Teacher of the Year

Each year the Correctional Education Association of Ohio (CEAO) sponsors a Teacher of the Year award ceremony. Nomination forms are sent to all CEAO members each June. Nomination for the CEAO Teacher of the Year is received from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC); Department of Youth Services (DYS); Ohio jails; Community Based Correctional Facilities (CBCF) and participating universities and colleges. The five highest scoring nominees become semi-finalists, and in August, an interview panel questions each candidate who at that time may provide a short presentation of his or her particular education program. The semi-finalists and the winner are announced at the annual CEAO Teacher of the Year event.

The CEAO Teacher of the Year winner will represent Ohio at the CEA Region III Conference which is held each spring. Region III consists of CEA Chapters in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The Ohio winner will compete against Teachers of the Year from these states.

2016 Teacher of the Year Finalists

Each of these finalists will be honored at the upcoming CEA-O Conference and Training Event scheduled September 12-14th at the Clarion Hotel in Cincinnati. The CEA-O Teacher of the Year (TOY) will be announced at a recognition luncheon on September 13, 2016.

  • Larry Pickard

    Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility
  • Duwayne Shoup

    Mansfield Correctional Institution
  • Roy (Al) Glitch

    Belmont Correctional Institution
  • Shawn Masters

    Madison Correctional Institution
  • Robert Blackstone

    Noble Correctional Institution

2016 Teacher of the Year

The Correctional Education Association of Ohio (CEAO) sponsors a Teacher of the Year Award contest annually. The winner of the contest is announced at the Fall Training Event. Individuals eligible to win the award must be CEAO members and must spend at least 51% of their time teaching in a correctional setting. Nominations were received from the Ohio Department of Youth Services and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. During the selection process, five finalists are chosen. From the five finalists, a winner is selected.

This year the five finalists were, Robert Blackstone, Sequoyah School, Noble Correctional Institution; Roy (Al) Glitch, Eastern Horizons Center, Belmont Correctional Institution; Shawn Masters, Madison Branch, Madison Correctional Institution; Larry Pickard, Indian River High School, Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility, and DuWayne Shoup, Country Haven Center, Mansfeld Correctional Institution.

This year's CEAO Teacher for the Year winner was Larry Pickard. Congratulations!

Larry Pickard is now a finalist for the CEA Reagion III Teacher of the Year!


Any correctional educator who teaches at least 51% of the time in the correctional classroom is eligible for the award. The candidate must have two years experience as a correctional educator and be a CEA Member one year prior to nomination.
Teachers (who are also CEA members) can be nominated by other teachers, supervisors, administrators, or other educational staff. A teacher can also self-nominate. It is important to complete the nomination form with as much detail as possible, so it is recommended that when you nominate someone, have them fill out the form themselves or interview them before you fill it out. If you do not know if a teacher is a CEA member, ask them first. If they are not sure, have them check. Sometimes, it just needs to be renewed. Have the teacher do this before sending in the nomination.
The finalists are chosen from the Teacher of the Year Nomination Forms. The nomination form is six pages in length with the sixth page allowed for your personal educational philosophy. This form should be typed and/or neatly written. The candidate should write very precise information to sell him/herself to the selection committee. The front page showing the nomination information should be completed by the person making the nomination, and the rest of the form should be completed by the person being nominated or after careful interviewing of the teacher.
The nomination forms are “scrubbed” by the Teacher of the Year Committee Chair. When the forms are scrubbed, all information regarding teacher name, location of work, and other identifying information is marked out on the forms. This is done to make only the individual teacher accomplishments apparent to the screeners. The actual screening is done by the CEAO Conference Planning Committee. This committee usually consists of 12-20 people. There are five finalists chosen by this committee. If two or more nominations are from the same institution/school, the nominee with the highest score will represent that institution for the CEAO Teacher of the Year Award.
At this point, you will be asked to attend a face-to-face interview with a committee of seven to nine people. The interview committee will consist of CEA members and will be representative of correctional educators in Ohio. Each of the five finalists receives a cash award at the CEAO Annual Conference. You will also be asked to develop additional information in a portfolio, video, notebook, etc. to present during the interview process.
Besides the cash award, the CEAO Teacher of the Year Award is recognized in the realm of correctional education as being a prestigious award. The recipient of this award is seen as an exemplary classroom teacher who promotes the merits of correctional education. The winner will go on to represent Ohio at the Regionals and will attend other functions as Ohio’s CEAO Teacher of the Year. It is a great honor and the committee strives to make the experience as great as possible.
The Teacher of the Year Award is a Correctional Education Association Award. The Correctional Education Association is a professional association which is separate from any employing school district. The CEA requires membership in the organization to receive the award.
The Teacher of the Year Winner is asked to become a member of the CEAO Conference Planning committee and assist in the Teacher of the Year committee, which oversees the process for the next TOY finalists and winner. The winner will represent the Correctional Education Association Ohio at the CEA Region III Conference. The registration and the travel costs incurred to attend are paid by CEAO.

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