2020 Conference update

2020 Conference update2020 Conference update2020 Conference update

Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

During these unprecedented times, your CEAO board is continually evaluating how COVID19 is affecting our members. Please continue to check back to this website for updates regarding future conferences and anything else that might be of interest. Stay safe, we are in this together. #CEAOFAMILY

Our Mission


The mission of the Correctional Education Association is:

  • To prepare correctional students for a successful reentry into society by equipping them with academic, career/technical, and personal/social skills.
  • To support correctional educators providing quality educational programs with opportunities for leadership, networking, publication, professional development, and personal growth.
  • To increase community awareness and legislative support for correctional education through public relations and legislative advocacy.

About Us



Correctional Education Association of Ohio is part of Correctional Education Association Region III. The organization is dedicated to helping correctional educators to do the following:

  • To be the leading professional organization for educators in criminal and/or juvenile justice setting.
  • To attain 10% membership of all criminal and juvenile justice educators in other countries.
  • To be a strong force in improving public perception/image of and in increasing a positive public awareness of correctional education as an integral and essential part of correctional management.
  • To be the primary source of professional support and professional information, and to be the primary facilitator of networking for educators in criminal and/or juvenile justice settings.
  • To improve the organizational efficiency and sustainability.

Our Partners